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LX-090 Special winding machine for copper foil adhesive backed new energy transformer

*Widely used in new energy transformer, communication transformer and other products.

*CNC controller is adopted, AC motor and stepping motor perform precise motion, external multi-channel function control can be connected, and the application is stable.

*Data teaching type-in, easy to operate, easy to maintain, imported accessories, process quality control, stable and reliable equipment.


Description of product characteristics:

*Widely used in new energy transformer, communication transformer and other products.

*CNC controller is adopted, AC motor and stepping motor perform precise motion, external multi-channel function control can be connected, and the application is stable.

*Data teaching type-in, easy to operate, easy to maintain, imported accessories, process quality control, stable and reliable equipment.

*According to the need to change the program to achieve multi-function, pause editing, deceleration at both ends, counting method, starting method, speed limit and other function selection.

*The advanced control circuit has strong anti-interference, overload-overcurrent protection, and adopts switching power supply control to adapt to the working voltage bandwidth.

*The machine can be connected with safe automatic shutdown control. The adhesive backing shaft adopts optical and electronic control to follow the foil winding speed synchronization function. The copper foil bending is accurate and reliable.

*0-999 sets of step sequence setting and storage, matched with frequency conversion AC motor and precision stepping motor, set forward and reverse rotation, tension and multi-point safety detection.


Technical parameters:

Model No LX-090
Spindie number 1
Spindle diameter/MM 15
Wire size/MM    Copper foil:0-30mm(Wide)0-1mm(Thick)
Max.Speed/RPM 700
Main Motor AC/750W
Winding With/MM 100
Spreading Motor 9V(Stepping Motor)
Spreading Width/MM 0
Working voltage 220V-AC
Weight/KG 120
Dimensions L*W*H/MM L/2000*W/830*H/1200

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